Sunday, March 14, 2010

Journal #2

This week was very much like last week. We all at the Giants editing suite are still trying to slog through all of the Spring Training footage. As a result, there hasn't been a great opportunity for me to really sink my teeth into Avid.

However, I have gotten a lot better and faster as creating headings, transcribing and subclipping footage. So, while I still only have a handle on the most basic of the program's functions, I have a much better understanding of them. That, and I've have a greater grasp on everything within the program ties together and just what exactly it's capable of.

Avid is extremely intuitive and smart. One problem we have in our business is time code breaks. They're errors in the timeline of the footage. Thus, instead of having one clip with the timecode assignment of 16;32;42;28, there could be two or three clips with that same timecode assignment depending on how many timecode breaks there actually are. This problem is easily fixed manually, but it tends to freak out most editing programs, especially when you try and search your database for the footage. Avid not only isn't freaked out whne you try and search for a clip that shares the same timecode with another, it recognizes the problem when you first start importing the footage on the database and automatically corrects it. The end result saves all of us a ton of time and frustration when we're go back through the database to try and find a specific clip.

I'm hoping to have a greater chance to really get some exposure to the programs video effects menu shortly, but that won't happen until after we get through all the Spring Training footage. I'm hoping to have my part, logging all of the interviews, done by Wednesday this week. That still leaves a sizable amount of BRoll still to be cataloged, but I feel we're in the home stretch there. Everything needs to be logged by the end of March so that the full-timers can get all of their videos done by the home opener on April, 8.

Once the season is underway, that will free up more time and workstations in order for me to play around and possibly create some extra stuff for the web.

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